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About Us

We are a family run dry cleaning and alterations company located in Oakville, ON. We have been proudly serving the Oakville community since 2004. With years of experience, we pride ourselves in our workmanship. By providing professional care, fast delivery, and excellent results we have been able to build our business from the ground up.

We offer same day several services such as: dry cleaning for suede, leather, and your normal clothes, alterations and repairs for any type of clothing, area rug cleaning, drapes and quilts, Canada Goose jackets, and so forth. Come check us out and you won’t be disappointed!

We have also started to offer pick up and delivery services 🙂

Leather and Suede Specialists

We are your leather and suede experts serving the Oakville community for over 16 years and counting! Leather & suede clothing are tough, versatile and expensive. Thus, proper care is essential to maintain them in perfect order.  For the best leather and suede cleaning in Oakville, you should bring your garments to us.  We recommend that leather and Suede clothing be cleaned every three years or whenever a leather or suede stain occurs.

Whether your leather or suede clothing needs cleaning, repairing, restoration, dying or conditioning, we have the experience and equipment necessary for getting these garments back into its day one condition.

Your Alteration and Repair Experts

From cotton to linen to suede to leather…we got you covered!

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of putting on a beautiful item of clothing that fits you perfectly, so that you feel confident and comfortable. Our alteration services help you achieve that feeling, so that the clothes you’ve carefully chosen don’t end up unworn at the back of your closet.

Let us take care of your alteration and repair needs.

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